Governing Organs

Governing Organs

Governing Organs

The governing organs of the Association at the national level are as follows: First is the National Delegates Conference (NDC). The National Delegates Conference is the highest decision-making organ of all the trade unions and associations in the council including the National Association of Nigerian Nurses and Midwives. The conference is being held after every four years on such dates and venue as determined at the previous conference or decided by the National Executive Council.

The second organ of the association is the National Executive Council (NEC). It is the body that administers the association in between National Delegates Conference in accordance with the constitution. It holds its meetings thrice a year and the council consists of all elected national officers of the association, chairpersons of the State Executive Councils, one representative from each of the specialist groups and secretaries as the national and state secretariats of the association.

The third organ of the association is the National Administrative Council (NAC) while the fourth organ is known as the National Board of Trustees, which consists of the National President, Deputy President, General Secretary, Treasurer, Financial Secretary and Deputy General Secretary.



The state and local governments organs of the association are to some extent, the replicate of what is obtainable at the national level. Thus, the state have these organs namely State Delegates Conference (SDC), State Executive Council (SEC) and State Board of Trustees while the local governments and units/branches have Unit General Meeting (UGM) and Unit Executive Committee (UEC) etc.


The National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives (NANNM) is a professional-cum trade union organization recognized by the Trade Unions (Amendment) Act of 2005.